❥ hεll☼!!! i am r☼ckεt papaya and i am 8 sωεεps ☼ld❤ i am a pinkβl☼☼dεd sεadωεllεr, rainβ☼ω drinkεr and psi☼nic❤ i havε ωhitε hair βεcausε i am part first guardian, th☼ugh i als☼ havε pink strεaks in my hair, and i als☼ havε thrεε hεart shapεd h☼rns❤ my facε l☼☼ks just likε tr☼ll ωin☼na rydεr's did ωhεn shε ωas y☼ungεr, m☼stly βεcausε i am tr☼ll ωin☼na rydεr, εxcεpt i changεd my namε t☼ r☼ckεt papaya βεcausε ωin☼na just ωasn't a c☼☼l εn☼ugh namε❤ i am a g☼d tiεr Quεεn ☼f All, ωhich mεans i g☼vεrn ☼vεr εvεry aspεct❤ my hivε is l☼catεd insidε a raincl☼ud aβ☼vε altεrnia, ωhich is likε βεing undεrωatεr εxcεpt in thε sky❤ my lusii arε a drag☼n and a ωεrεω☼lf❤ i havε tω☼ βεcausε i am pinkβl☼☼dεd❤ my lusii arε β☼th malε and arε in ya☼is ωith εach ☼thεr❤ spεaking ☼f ωhich, my intεrεsts includε h☼t ya☼is, fiduspaωn, tr☼ll shεrl☼ck, tr☼ll thε avεngεrs and tr☼ll supεrnatural❤ i am in a matεspritship ωith karkat - ωε β☼ndεd ☼vεr ☼ur mutual mutantnεss, and ωε fεll in pity❤ ωε'rε g☼ing t☼ pity marry εach ☼thεr in a fεω sωεεps❤ anyωay, nicε t☼ mεεt y☼u!!!

6th March 2013

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❥ ωεll, i d☼n’t rεally havε any skεlεt☼ns in my cl☼sεt, βut i havεn’t t☼ld y☼u guys aβ☼ut h☼ω i ωas crεatεd yεt, s☼ i guεss i’ll tεll y☼u n☼ω!!!

❥ it all startεd ωith a gr☼up ☼f playεrs fr☼m a d☼☼mεd sεssi☼n ☼f SBURB❤ strandεd in thεir vεil and facing imminεnt dεstructi☼n, thεy turnεd t☼ thε lεgεnds that f☼rεt☼ld thε c☼ming ☼f a grεat Hεr☼ ☼f All namεd r☼ckεt papaya, ωh☼sε p☼ωεrs c☼uld savε thεm all❤ thε playεrs attεmptεd t☼ givε this namε t☼ a gr☼up ☼f tr☼lls fr☼m an☼thεr sεssi☼n, h☼ping thεy ω☼uld c☼mε savε thεm, βut thε namε just ω☼uldn’t stick❤

❥ βut thεn charlεs dutt☼n, thεir sεεr ☼f v☼id, camε up ωith a plan t☼ crεatε r☼ckεt papaya thεmsεlvεs, via εct☼βi☼l☼gy!!! and s☼, ωith thε KAWAII c☼dε dutt☼n had sεεn in his drεams, and ωith thε hεlp ☼f nic cagε’s timε p☼ωεrs, thε playεrs crεatεd mε, and i managεd t☼ savε thεm all, εvεn th☼ugh i ωas just a littlε gruβ!!! ε:

❥ aftεr that, i ωas sεnt ☼n a mεtε☼r t☼ altεrnia, ωhεrε my ya☼i lusii, ωεrεω☼lfdad and drag☼ndad, f☼und mε and raisεd mε as thεir ☼ωn in ☼ur raincl☼ud hivε in thε sky❤ ^❤^

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